Branding in Storybook
find new customers, partners and employees with precisely targeted marketing messages

Increase the credibility of your company and show it’s unique face on Estonia’s largest business portal. Brand marketing in Storybook brings at least 3x more leads than regular ads.

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Unique company profile

Show your company's unique face to those who check the background of your company and competitors.


Employer brand

Add unlimited job ads and highlight your company's brand as an employer on the Storybook job portal.


Content marketing

Promote your brand, products and services and build credibility with the power of Storybook's rich data.


Google SEO and backlinks

Your products, services, articles, and offers will reach thousands of entrepreneurs and consumers.

Why market in Storybook?

3.5 million page views per month.
665,000 monthly visitors (80% of Estonia’s working-age population).

Storybook visitors are:

Entrepreneurial and decision-making individuals – your potential customers, partners, employees.
Motivated solution seekers – searching for reliable information about a person, company, product or service.

Only business portal in Estonia:

Where entrepreneurs can give their company profile a unique look.
Which can be used in credit, purchasing, sales, marketing and personnel management.
Where all news and buy-sell offers are further displayed in precisely targeted industry news feeds.
Where every article, product, service, video, offer, procurement is supported by the power of rich structured data.

How does brand marketing in Storybook benefit your company?​

Compared to regular advertising, you can generate at least 3x more sales leads with brand marketing.


Accurately targeted marketing messages

With brand marketing, you can address precisely those people who are looking for background information about your company or other companies operating in the same field. Visitors are motivated viewers with a willingness to buy.​


Reliability growth with the power of data

An important part of your company's business media page and reports is credibility background information. The independent Credit Score, which appears next to every company news, article, product/service, procurement, sales offer, job offer, etc., adds confidence to the reader.


More pairs of eyes

With all your articles, buy-sell offers, etc., you are also visible in the newsfeeds of those who are looking for information about your competitors. News are also spread everywhere on the Internet via Storybook WEB.​​


Better visibility in Google

Thanks to the very high number of visits and high positions of the Storybook and Inforegister portals in Google search results, company profiles and content marketing articles appear among the first on Google. Backlinks to your website also increase the authority and visibility of your own website.


Increase in brand awareness

Users looking for background information about the company through Google and other channels are most likely to reach the Storybook and Inforegister.
Brand marketing allows you to influence what visitors see about your company.


Most effective marketing

Profiles of companies with brand marketing and content marketing articles do not display distracting ads from other companies. Content marketing articles, products/services, etc., together with useful background information, help generate at least 3x more sales leads than regular advertisements alone.

*The business media page sample is free and does not oblige you to do anything.

The company’s business media and product page will be sent to you within one working day.

Brand marketing in Storybook

Brand marketing in Storybook helps you show your company’s unique face, find new customers, partners and employees.

Unique company profile- branded business media and product page, increases sales

Storybook and Inforegister offer companies a unique opportunity to design a visual identity for their company and communicate marketing messages. 

The business media page is partially created for the company by artificial intelligence and updated according to how blog news, products, campaigns, brand colors, etc. are updated or supplemented on the company’s own website.

In addition, active job offers on job portals, video clips from YouTube, etc. are automatically transferred to the business media page, all of which create an attractive and reliable image for the company.  

The price of branding is affordable and depends primarily on the size of the company and whether to order only the “Brand Management” package or other solutions as well. For example, sales, credit and HR management tools. See more from user manual.


Branded career page strengthens the image and brings in good employees

There is a war for talent in the market and companies are doing everything they can to find, attract and recruit the best talent.

One of the main elements needed to attract top talent is a solid career page with rich information, which is partially created for companies by artificial intelligence. 

The content of the career page is automatically enriched with analytical models, statistical graphs and reliability ratings (if qualified), etc..

The career page can be made even more unique if desired. For example, supplement the career page with your own messages, change colors/pictures, add news and articles, etc.

Along with an attractive career page, you can also publish unlimited attractive job offers that inspire job seekers to take action.

Content marketing in business media increases the company's credibility

All blog posts and articles published on your website can also be automatically transferred to the company profile in Storybook and Inforegister.

It is also possible to write meaningful content marketing articles yourself and publish them unlimitedly in Estonian and English. High-quality images to illustrate articles can be conveniently selected from the image bank (3.5 million images) based on a keyword.

Content marketing articles and blog news will appear also in the news feed on profiles of companies in the same industry. This significantly expands visibility to those pairs of eyes who are looking into the background of your competitors.


Google SEO and product/service backlinks to your website will bring new customers

Optimized SEO of business media pages (including the career page and other pages) increases the company’s visibility and supports the growth of your brand recognition.

For search engines, all data is structured (schema data). This means that all your company information is detailed for search engines:

Company (Local business)Brand (Logo)Ratings (Aggregate Rating)Articles and blogs (Article)Goods (Product)Videos (Videos carousel)Job ads (Job posting)

The backlinks that lead the visitor to your website are numerous throughout the entire business media page. Since the media page is also displayed in the industry’s news feeds, Google and other search engines, Storybook WEB, there are many starting points from which the visitor (consumer) gets to your website all over the web.

Already 2000+ branders are using the competitive edge

Order the branded business media product page

*The sample of your company’s business media page is free and does not obligate you to do anything.

However, if you like the business media page, we will fully implement high-quality digital marketing.