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  • Are you an entrepreneur with a reliable credit score? Join Stroybook and you can always be the first among providers. If desired, negotiate with the Customer.
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  • Select the keyword or field (such as "ehitus") from which you want to receive an offer and send them your invitation to tender. Only reliable companies will make price offers!
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Storybook's procurement solution is a quick and easy way to compile your order and send a price request to reliable companies.

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Koosta hange

Hange avalikustatakse valdkonna uudisvoos ja hangete lehel, soovi korral saada see e-kirjaga ka oma sihtgrupile.

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    Filter out the exact audience that could be interested in your procurement and to whom you wish send the procurement to the Storybook mailbox by e-mail

    NB! You can send the tender up to 5,000 companies at once

      Send call for tender

      Sinu hanke saadetakse e-kirjaga kõigile eelvalitud sihtgrupi ettevõtetele Storybooki postkasti (kirjamärgis on nähtav ka nende ettevõtete profiilidel)

      Procurement will be sent up to 5000 trusted companies

        *Enne hanke saatmist, koosta ning postita hange

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