Terms of Use

1. Definitions to be used

1.1. The web site is https://scorestorybook.ee/en 1.2. Administrator: Storybook OÜ  (reg.code  14636888) 1.3. User: Any natural or legal person who uses or has expressed a desire to use the right to read articles in the online environment, the right to view reports of financial capacity, the right to use the direct marketing and subscription environment, and the right to use the labour market environment. 1.4. Story: A story is automatically generated by a Storybook or an opinion story published by the User. 1.5. Commentarium: A commenting environment on a Website to which the user has the right to post comments and ratings to both companies and articles. 1.6. Comment: Any opinion, notice or other information that is entered into the commentary of the website by the user. 1.7. Editing: The ability to edit stories, where the user(editor)name and information that the story has been edited, will be published to the story.

2. General conditions

2.1. For use of the Website, the use of a document, set of data or published materials (including articles, photographs, blog entries, comments, etc.) on any website and the entry of its data into the website shall be deemed to be used in any manner and for any purpose. 2.2. The User uses the information for his or her own use and at his own risk. In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, the User’s personal data shall be stored only with the permission of the User and only to the extent necessary for the operation of the Website and its services. Principles for the processing of data

3. User's rights and obligations

3.1. When registering as a user of the Website, the User undertakes to provide fully true information about himself or herself, including registering his/her full and true name and publishing true and factually functioning contact details and means of communication, etc.

3.2. The User undertakes to keep the user ID and password or ID card and passwords necessary for use on the Website in such a way that they do not become unjustifiably known to third parties.

3.3. The User does not display information from the Website without the written consent of Storybook OÜ or is also engaged in reselling it.

3.4. The User is responsible for the comments, edited stories and articles entered by the User. Commenter User is required to take into account good practice and moral standards when commenting, writing and editing stories in the ESTONIAN Constitution, laws in accordance with it and the rights of others. The commentator shall, where appropriate, be required to demonstrate that the facts which he has disclosed correspond to reality. The commentator bears civil and criminal responsibility for writing non-legal comments.

4. Rights and obligations of the administrator

4.1. The Operator undertakes not to disclose to third parties the User’s personal data, except when transferring data on the bases prescribed by law for the prevention, investigation or other similar cases.

4.2. Unless otherwise specified, the Operator shall own all content and data of the documents published on the Website.

4.3. The Operator has the right to reasonably refuse to provide the service to the user.

4.4. The Operator has the right to suspend or terminate the provision of the service in full without notice to the User.

4.5. The Operator has the right to change the content of the Service and the terms and conditions of use of the Service without prior notice to the User.

4.6. The Operator guarantees the anonymity of potential news cues in accordance with good press practice and the Estonian Code of Journalistic Ethics.

4.7. The Operator has the right to withdraw from the Agreement without penalty if the User violates the Terms of Use.

5. Freedom of the user from responsibility and responsibility

5.1. The new article of the Website is permitted to be rated free of charge and without the consent of Storybook OÜ to the extent of the title and one sentence. However, that sentence should not be longer than the introductory sentence of the original text. This requirement applies unless otherwise agreed in writing. When you report online, you must also add a link to a specific story. When referring in printed material, reference should be made to the source: STORYBOOK.

5.2. One-time fine unit for the use of uncoordinated article materials – 200 € also repeated (two or more) use of uncoordinated materials – 300 € for each time.

6. Freedom of the administrator from responsibility

6.1. The Operator shall not be liable for loss of income due to the direct or indirect cost or non-use of the User’s use of the Information.

6.2. The Operator shall not be liable for violation of the Terms of Use committed by the User, regardless of the size and form of the damage caused.

6.3. The Operator shall not be liable for damage or loss of income caused by acts or omissions of third parties.

6.4. The Operator shall not be liable for any damage or loss of income caused by any technical failures.

6.5. The Operator shall not be liable for the consequences of mis understanding of phrases, words and terms in this text.

Entry into force 01.03.2019