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Estonian companies reports

Storybook is a database that collects and organizes information about Estonian entrepreneurs from all Estonian state registers, private databases and the web.

The data is enriched with analytics and scoring models.

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International Credit reports

Storybook is a database that gathers general data on international companies from databases in global countries. Credit reports about foreign companies are available in both Estonian and English.

View online reports and add companies of interest to your monitoring.

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Hedge credit risks with credit management tools, even when exporting to any country in the world or selling goods within Estonia Read more


Media reports

The media page of every Estonian company is unique, which contains digital stories, brand and opinion stories, mainstream media articles, etc.


Estimated employee wages and productivity. Trends on the timeline. Employee networks. Job advertisements.


Persons responsible for business transactions, beneficiaries, past and present relationships over time. Business patterns of managers.


Financial projections, economic indicators, real estate, grants, procurements and asset values of beneficiaries


Credit risk forecasts, credit limits, debts, reportings, mortgages, court decisions and other precepts


Follow the events of a board member in his/her companies and also subscribe to notifications to Your smartphone or email.

The ABCs of Reliability

What is the Credit Score?

The Credit Score model has been developed in cooperation with data technology researchers of the Software Technology Development Center and the University of Tartu. The model has been developed using machine learning methods that include self-learning algorithms, which are able to identify hidden relationships and make predictions based on them. The scientific model of the Credit Score predicts the possibility of corporate insolvency or forced liquidation in the next 12 months - with 99.5% accuracy.

What is the Reputation score?

Derivatives of experts in the field have been used in the development of the reputation score model, on the basis of which the characteristics of companies' business management processes and the factors influencing them have been developed.
Reputation score size is affected by brand, sales, credit, human resources, and asset management factors. The bigger and more sustainable the company is, the higher its reputation score and vice versa.

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Why Storybook?

  • Loss prevention through credit management tools
  • Increase sales through sales lists, participation in tenders and sending offers.
  • Displaying the company's brand in the B2B sector and growing the employer's brand in the B2C sector, reaching 650,000 visitors per month


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