Terms and conditions of order and payment

1. General conditions and definitions

1.1. The service provider is STORYBOOK OÜ, registry code 14636888, location Tähe 129B, Tartu 51013. Customer support phone: 7446645 (Mon-Fri 9.00-17.00) and e-mail: info@storybook.ee

1.2. Upon placing an order, the Customer agrees to the order conditions of the purchase and sale contract of STORYBOOK OÜ, which enters into force after payment of the invoice.

1.3 The order is deemedtobe the use of a website and theuse of any information, data set or software application that has been made available to the Customer through a website or by e-mail.

1.4 In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, the User’s personal data shall be stored only with the user’s permission and only to the extent necessary for the operation of the Website and its services.

1.5 STORYBOOK OÜ processes the personal data of the Buyer in accordance with the Privacy Policy and the Data Protection Terms and Only to the extent necessary for the operation of the Website Services.

1.6 STORYBOOK OÜ shall forward the personal data necessary for making the payments to the authorised processor Maksekeskus AS if the payment is made through  the website.

1.3. Definitions:

1.3.1 The Customer is a private person or  legal person who has expressed a desire to have access to the paid products of the online environment and has issued a daily ticket or  durability order for use and made payment.

1.3.2 The order is a transaction between STORYBOOK OÜ and the Customer, the content of which is access to the products of the STORYBOOK online: scorestorybook.ee/en

2. Procedure for ordering content products

2.1. STORYBOOK OÜ‘s subscription is a one-time (daily ticket)  or unlimited duration (monthly fee) 2.1.1 List of products

Company summary report

  • Number of employees and estimated average wages (historical graph)
  • Employee taxes and analysis of results (historical graph)
  • Contacts between key persons and employees
  • Decision-makers, roles and details of the right of representation
  • Former representatives
  • History of the right of representation (graph)
  • Credit score history and forecast (interactive graph)
  • Owners and holdings
  • Former owners
  • Subsidiaries and associates and % of holdings
  • Former subsidiaries and associates
  • Other related parties (existing relationships)
  • Beneficiaries and values of their assets
  • Taxes paid by year (graph)
  • Quarterly indicators (turnover, labor productivity, etc.)
  • Revenue by country and forecast for the current year (graph)
  • Figures for the annual report for previous years and forecast figures for the current year ODI turnover and estimates ofturnover
  • Grants (€), grantors and details
  • Procurement (€), contracting entities and details
  • Procurement participation and pending procurement
  • Financial ratings (repeats and income levels) and trends
  • Real estate and mortgages
  • Annual reports (PDF)
  • Recommended credit limit and due date
  • Interactive credit score history graph and forecast for the next 12months
  • Execution of reporting obligations and volumes of obligations
  • Tax and debt history from the start of the business (interactive graph)
  • Claims by type and outdated claims
  • Orders of the Order of Payment Division and bailiffs’ enforcement proceedings
  • Court orders in the Commercial Register
  • Decisions of the Consumer Disputes Committee
  • Hearings and details
  • Judgments and PDFs
  • Official  announcements
  • Monitoring events on the timeline
  • Company profile visitor schedule and trackers
  • Read articles and media coverage
  • Google Chrome Extension users’ comments and ratings for your business
  • Competitors in the field in the ranking of reputable scores
  • Turnover of competitors and direct contacts of decision-makers
  • Beneficiary networks (interactive threads)
  • o Business links (patterns of payment and financial capacity, historical relationships and     thread-building)
  • Network of employees (key persons, departments, branches, agencies, direct contacts, salaries)

Consolidated report of a member of the Management Board

  • Adding of corporate governance and patterns of its activities
  • Employee numbers and estimated average salaries of all enterprises (historical graph)
  • Analysis of the performance of employees of all companies (historical graph)
  • Quarterly figures for all enterprises (historical graph)
  • Taxes paid by all companies by year (history graph)
  • Indicators for the annual reports of all enterprises (since 2010) and forecast
  • Direct and indirect holdings in enterprises and % of holdings
  • Total assets of companies and net asset values as beneficiaries
  • Property of enterprises as direct and indirect beneficiaries
  • Histories of all managed corporate debt claims from the beginning of business history (interactive graph)
  • Ad claims by type and outdated claims
  • Adherence to reporting obligations from the beginning of business history
  • Consolidated financial ratings (repeats and income levels) and trends in enterprises
  • Graph and forecasts of the history of credit scores of all companies for the next 12 months
  • Monitoring events of a member of the Management Board on the timeline
  • Beneficiary’s network (interactive threads)
  • Network of business relationships and corporate financial capacity (interactne use)

3. Right of withdrawal

3.1. In the case of orders the object of which is access to the web environment for viewing information and received by the Customer, the 14-day right of withdrawal does not apply.

4. Complaints

4.1. The Customer has the right to submit complaints concerning the delivery of the Products to STORYBOOK OÜ within two months of the discovery of the defect.

4.2. All complaints submitted shall be reviewed and answered as soon as possible, but not later than within 14 days of receipt of the notice.

5. Terms of Payment

5.1 After placing an order in the e-shop, you will be directed to the selected Internet bank, where you will see the pre-filled payment order. After confirming the payment order, leave the Internet Bank by pressing the “Back to merchant” button. The communication between the bank and the buyer is protected by an SSL security protocol, which ensures that the information exchanged cannot be eavesdropped or altered by outsiders. When you return to the merchant, you can get full access to the online environment.

5.2 Package orders can be paid for by debit and credit card (Visa, MasterCard). STORYBOOK OÜ does not have access to the customer’s bank and credit card information.

5.3 The order will be executed after the amount has been received in the bank account of STORYBOOK  OÜ.

Entry into force 01.10.2020