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1CONTACT OÜ: Choose your partner from 123 118 500 companies worldwide!

Do you want a list of your competitors to check who's coming, who's going in your area? Or maybe you want to grow your customer base with an accurate and targeted marketing list, and even from 100 million companies globally? Business databases are updated in real-time and contain only creditworthy companies (risky business executives are also excluded). You can select full sectors and areas at once, or you can choose to target a specific area. For a list of all data types, see the REGISTER API. Ability to automatically link this data based on your system


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Scorestorybook Edge extension

The Storybook extension tells you which company's website you are currently on and how reliable that company is as of today. download extension

See the background of the caller! Storybook App brings you direct contacts for 400,000 Estonian companies and individuals (managers, officials). The data is enriched with solvency and financial information.